Dash and Lily’s book of dares by Rachel Cohn

First of all; I am really sorry I’ve been inactive last month with only one post. It was partially because of a writer’s block and partially because my exams are on my head and I literally have no time. I wanted to do a wrap up blog; but I guess I would do it in March end and cover all three months up. So without wasting more of all our precious time, let’s start.


All that I am writing here is totally My OPINION and I am not trying to force this ideas on anybody. You love this book or you hate this book; I literally don’t give a damn.


This book was about Lily finding a boyfriend basically by a book of dares. Her brother and his boyfriend had this idea of writing some clues in this book that lead to a date so she could find her type of guy. And if you are wondering that even a girl could have picked up the book so here it is : in one of the pages it was written if you are teenage boy then turn the page for next clue.


Obviously Dash finds this book and completes all the dares but instead of leaving his e-mail id like he was supposed to – as it was written in the book – he leaves her a dare. This is what happens to and fro in the book for putting it lightly.

The concept was really great. I liked all the dare stuff they gave each other and that was quite interesting.


I know many people loved this book but I am not one of ’em. It’s unffortunate because I had high hopes for this but all it did was disappoint me.


I read this thing in a review and I totally agree on this : It’s like the author is trying to tell us how intelligent he is through the medium of his characters.

Both Lily and Dash seemed like the know-it-all people and it irritated me to no end.  This book was overwhelming to say the least.

And some of you guys are probably thinking “NO PROBLEM, I AM ONLY PICKING THIS UP FOR FLUFFY ROMANCE,” I am really sorry to burst you bubble but the chemistry in this was 0%!!!!!!!!!


Dash feels like he is in his late 20’s or maybe in his 30’s or very very mature. I don’t think any teenage guy would EVER talk like THAT.

There was this person who was only there for the sake of the plot. He was in only 2 to 3 scenes max and to take Dash and Lily’s relationship to a different road. I will not tell his name. You have to figure it out on your own… I am not handing out any spoilers here.

There were a few moments that were really funny and I admit that some part of the book was well written. But it was a ruined rope for me to hold on.

Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comment section below. I would love to hear all perspective to this one.



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