Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

A very merry Christmas to everyone!! I am Osheen Jain and today I am back with some amazing review about the awesome book Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. I will keep this review as spoiler free as possible.
I have divided this review in 6 parts
1) Introduction
2) About Hex Hall
3) Witchy feelings
4) The dangers
5) Conclusion of thoughts
6) Conclusion of story
So now let’s start


1) Introduction
Sophie Mercer is a witch. She came into her powers when she hit puberty. Her mom is a fairly normal human but her dad is a wizard. This book had many fun aspects. The most hilarious scene in the starting shows that she uses her power to help a girl at prom. It goes horribly wrong – not that I complain.
The first prologue was my most favourite scene in this book as far as I remember. I usually have a hard time getting into the book for the first few chapters. If you are like me, you won’t have a single problem. This book gets you like you’ve been into this world of hex hall for centuries.


When she uses the gone-wrong-spell she attracts too much normal-human attention. Human’s are not supposed to know about magic and all the creature of the dark. So as a punishment for risking their identity secret she is sent to Hecate hall or as we know The Hex Hall.


2) About Hex Hall

Hex Hall is a reform school for wayward prodigium i.e. witches, faeries, shape shifters and a single vampire. Our dear old Hex Hall is really very old. It had been built in 1854. Sophie says it looks like a cross between something out of an horror movie and Disney world’s haunted mansion.


The place where this is situated is very humid. Our protagonist says that she “always wondered what it would be like to live in somebody’s mouth”. Ha. Guess it’s her dream come true. Lol.
She also says that this place is beautiful. For a prison.


3) Witchy Feelings

But being a witch is not as awesome as it sounds. Nor as creepy for that matter in this case.


Sophie whines about how she never rode a broom. She had to keep riding the bus like everyone else to keep up pretenses.
She doesn’t have spell books or talking cat, what can we say? She is allergic to the cute fur ball after all.
And she would never know how to get hold of something like eye of the newt. Don’t ask me why. For using in spells or potions, of course.


4) The Dangers

Now, these prodigium are not living in a happily-ever-after land. There are people who want to wipe their existence off the face of earth.


There are mainly there groups that want to execute all the supernatural :
a) The Alliance :
     They are made up of agents from different government agencies.
b) The Brannicks :
      They are an ancient family from Ireland. They are Maeve Brannicks’ descendants, who was an incredibly powerful witch. That means that there people are more powerful than normal humans and are better than The Alliance.
c) ll’ Occhio do Dio :
     Translated it means the eye of the God. They are the greatest threat to non-human community. I don’t want to reveal much so this is all I am going to say ’bout this. Well except that the real name is a mouthful and I’ll never be able to pronounce it.

5) Conclusion of thoughts
     This book was really funny and had a great plot line. But I won’t say it was orignal. It was giving me Harry potter vibes. For example- Never go in the woods. Hello? Hogwarts much?


But all in all it was a great read. It feels like a  book we would read on Christmas to get into the magic.
The main character was alright. I love the evil trio, which well reminds me of Draco and his two fellows.
The writing was quite impressive but not awesome. I enjoyed this book very much and will be reading the 2nd book soon.


6) Conclusion of story

     Sophie comes to know more about different types of witches after coming in Hex Hall. Now how would this go if there is only education and teenage drama in this? Not great. Now enter – Something is brewing. One mysterious murder and few other gravely injured witches.

All the evidence points at Sophie’s best friend.
Will she be able to prove her friend innocent?
Two people whom Sophie has come to really care about will betray her. How will she know what and why was the former there for?
How will she react when she knows the truth about the father?
To find out read the Hex Hall series.


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