Smokeless fire by Samantha Young

Hello book bugs! I am Osheen Jain and today I am going to write a review on Smokeless Fire by Samantha Young, which is the first book in the Fire Spirits series.

I am going to write this in sections:

1) Some thoughts about the book.

2) What’s the book about.

3) Moments from the book.

This would be a spoiler free review. So now lets get started.

I personally love paranormal romance genre, so I have read about many different creatures including Aces, Vampire, Werewolves, Demons, Gargoyles, Angels and what not. But is the first time I have read about Jinn.

If you don’t know what Jinn are then well apparently they are some sort of intelligent spirits that are of lower rank than the angels and are able to appear in human and animal forms. They can also possess humans. So, well, they can be compared to genies. They come from Arabic and Muslim mythology.

The idea of this book is really awesome and storyline is really strong. There is a build up for everything going on there so nothing feels like it just happened.

The covers and names of all the books are fantabulous and they actually relate to the story! So extra points there.


Ari is a very strong protagonist. She knows when to drown in emotion and when to pull her socks up and face the worst of both worlds’. She is very relatable and she knows how to stand up for herself. She is a fighter, not a coward to wait and let her knight in shining armour to do all the action.



The book starts by the normal world in which Ari is living totally ignorant of the Jinn. She has been abandoned by her mother and her father is a total workaholic, so he is always out for meetings and stuff and is barely ever at home. Well, now most the time Ari lives alone, with the exception of a friendly poltergeist living in her home, whom she calls Ms. Maggie.

She feels really isolated. She does have friends but she doesn’t have an connection with them and her best friend Charlie is still recovering from the death of his younger brother Mike. Charlie blames himself for Mike’s death and to get away from it he takes drugs. He shuts everyone out of his life. Even Ari. But she is not the one to let go.


I am on the third book and I still can’t decide if I love Charlie or hate him. Guess I am on no men’s line on this one.


On Ari’s 18th birthday, life as she knows it totally changes. She discovers her true heritage and from what a strange world with strange people she belongs to.

She also finds out that she has a very hot bodyguard (of sorts), who seems to have a stone cold heart.


Because of who Ari truly is, and what what power she possesses, the Jinn would try to control her and use her as their weapon to become the best of the best.

In this journey to keep an incredible power safe from falling in the wrong hands, Ari has only three companions. The first is her best friend Charlie; who is trying to get over his problems and addictions to help Ari, but is also seeking something that will get him killed. He is becoming selfish and has surrounded himself with a purpose that could turn out to be deadly.


Second is Jai Bitar. He is Ari’s powerful, handsome, smart but stone-cold protector or bodyguard, who despite all his indifference and guarded emotions has Ari’s best interests in his heart.


And last but not the least. A great Jinn king i.e. The Red King. He is among the most powerful Jinn and is framed as truly untouchable but is he really is good and I guess, kind to the people he cares for. I personally really like him as a father figure. Even if he does not reveal his affection for Ari, even if he himself does not accept it, we know he loves Ari.


In this battle against evil, against power hungry Jinn, would Ari be able to survive and save the people whom she loves? Could she trust the people around her? To find out read the Fire Spirits series by Samantha Young.



1) When Ari thinks that all this Jinn stuff is not real and she is dreaming or going mad, she says something like this (this made laugh really hard)- “This made no sense. Ari snorted. Like any of this made sense. She was probably in a padded cell somewhere gazing blankly at a man in a white coat, saliva dripping down her chin.”

God this was so awesome.

2) Ari said that rain gives her energy and it refreshes her. Its like the rain gives her power some how. Now this is totally strange because I feel the same way!!! I feel like water is my element! Guess I am not the only one who feels this way. Maybe Ari and I can be friends 😉

3) This is a list of Jinn kings so you don’t get confused. “Azazil is the Sultan of all Jinn, created from Chaos. He is as powerful as time and a lover of destruction. Power like Azazil’s causes fear, betrayal, and death. Over the centuries the Sultan Azazil bore children — Seven Kings of Jinn, each a ruler of one day in the mortal realm. The Gilder King, ruler of Sunday. The Glass King, ruler of Monday. The Red King, ruler of Tuesday. The Gleaming King, ruler of Wednesday. Myself, The White King, ruler of Thursday. The Shadow King, ruler of Friday. And The Lucky King, ruler of Saturday.”

4) I can’t tell you how it exactly happened because it would be a spoiler but well this was when Jai goes mute for a minute- “I…great, I can talk again.”

“Well.” Charlie shrugged. “Paradise can only last so long, right?

5)”I’ve had my fill of Jinn for the day. And not the good gin that my dad has locked in his liquor cabinet. The creepy Jinn that took a bite out of my arm and destroyed everything I’ve ever known.”

6)If I remember correctly this one is when Jai and Chalie were ordering Ari around or just irritating her – “Ari scoffed meanly, “God, between you and Charlie it’s a wonder I haven’t gone into frickin’ dentistry.”
“What does that even mean?”
She grunted. “It’s like pulling teeth to get anything out of you two.”

So that’s enough for today. I hope you liked my review. Tell me your opinions in the comment section below. You can email me on –

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