Ugly love by Colleen Hoover

Hey book bugs! I am Osheen and today I am going to talk about Ugly love by Colleen Hoover. She I one of my favourite authors. This is spoiler free! I wrote this thing just when I finished this book. I really like it so without changing anything I will type it out.

Ugly love is So Beautiful! Its 2:23. In the middle of the damn night and I am in love with this book. I am in love with Ugly Love.
Yes, there were moments that annoyed me. For example: In Miles’ POV many lines were repeated to death with only one or two words changed. And there few lines that are repeated to death.
I really damn loved the ending. It was perfect. When Miles’ came back and told Tate everything, it was one of my favourite moments.

Whenever Miles’ POV started it was like: 6 years ago. But when everything settled into place it went like: Present day. It melted me. It was symbolizing that now his past doesn’t matter as much as his present. As much as Tate.
There were moments when I was like: What is up with Tate? Why is she still doing this? Where the hell is Self-respect and Feminism? I didn’t like that but in the end it was worth it.

Tate’s brother Corbin was really nice. It was just so sweet how much he was protective of Tate. But there was not much about him.
The story literally just revolves around Tate and Miles’ relationship, Miles’ past and Miles’ himself. Only once I guess was any friend of Tate’s mentioned and he came around to meet her. But it was only to make Miles’ jealous.
We don’t know 10% of Tate’s family as compared to the information we have on Miles’ family. Nothing about anything more than we need to know. No more than what relates to Miles’ and Tate’s damn relationship. There is not much about what Tate does when Miles’ is gone for days as he is a pilot. We only that she has a job as a nurse and she is a student but that’s it, we only know this. There is no scene as far as I remember where she is in college or at the hospital. She does her homework and comes back home from her work are the only indicators that this thing is true.
There is a fast forward version of events that take place when Miles’ is gone and that too only last for about 2 paragraphs. More or less.

But this seriously doesn’t stops us from enjoying the story. I love Colleen Hoover because of her incredible plot twists. The ones in maybe someday, slammed and confess were amazing and I didn’t see any of that coming. But that magic was somewhere lacking in this. We have an almost guess of what’s the plot. Not that we know everything. Many things surprised me. But something that really changed Miles, well, I had a close enough guess.
Even after all this negative points the plot was really nice. The story is what’s important and it was good.
Make sure to tell me about your thoughts on Ugly love and this review. Thank you and have a nice day.

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