If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Hello everyone. Today I am writing a review about If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I am really excited because I am doing a review after a really long time. I will try to make it spoiler free. So let’s get started.download

Genres – YA, Romance, Contemporary and Realistic Fiction.

My star rating – 5 on 5

My thoughts

If I Stay is a heart wrenching story. After a very long time I cried reading a book. I am going to say the truth here. Going into this book I had no expectations. I only read it because I wanted to see why everyone loves this book. But as I was reading I realized I was no longer reading to see what people loved but because I started to love this book. I had to take many breaks while reading it so I wouldn’t emotionally break down.ea0aa02a74e1d2d0cfee15e4946975b0

This book changed my way of thinking. It changed how I look at things and made me realize how many things I take for granted. This book made me realize that our choices matter. There is a line in the book that I adore. It is – “sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.” This is so true. I knew I was totally in love with this book when I was halfway through.quote-about-choices---cool-7-gayle-forman-quotes-to-live-by---giveaway----stay-bookish-wallpaper-hd

This book is only 201 pages, but we get so attached to story and the characters that we may not get in some 300-400 pages book. The book is written in a way that I feel I know the characters personally. Mia, her parents, her brother Teddy, her best friend Kim, her boyfriend Adam, her grandparents ,Willow, Henry and many more people. It feels like I know them and I am sharing their stories, sharing their emotions. Everything in this book feels real. At first I thought I won’t connect with the story but now it feels like I’ve connected with it in a way that I can’t never forget it, like I’ve lived it through the characters. I’ve learned so many things from this book that I think I can’t put them all in words.download (1)

The connection most characters had with music made the story more interesting. And what things music brought with it was amazing. I loved the Halloween scene when Mia and Adam dress up like musicians. But I am not going to tell more about that because you have to read the book to enjoy that.1426147_681412225225001_377382068_n

I loved Mia’s parents and how their wedding was held was totally hilarious. I would love to see that kind of wedding. Her parents are supportive, loving, caring and totally fun. I loved how all the characters loved and cared for each other. Their bond is amazing. I loved how Kim and Mia first started off. And the relationship Mia and Adam shared.If-I-Stay-family

Please go read this book if you haven’t already. And guys, for the record I haven’t watched the movie. YET. I am obliged to change that as soon as possible.

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