Hello people. This is me, Osheen again. Many, many times people ask that why do I read books. How can I read without pictures. And I know if you are a book nerd you also face similar questions. So here is why I read books.ab549c267e024f25f326fc26832e7b75

When we read something we imagine it in our heads. The scenery. The characters. The voices and all kinds of amazing things that books introduce us to. Imagination is a wonderful gift God has given us and books creates a path for our imagination to fly. Imagination can create and destroy. It is powerful and beautiful.4522f50716482945a2536f14205220f2 Emotions. Such a wonderful word, isn’t it. The books can create so many emotions in us just by words. Anger. Fear. Sorrow. Desire. Happiness. Giddiness. Antsy. And so many more. Many of us may have also cried while reading a book. I know this because I did. Many times. This proves that how much power is there in words.5663c965ac06cb86b75fd50a51e70237

We live once but when we read we live thousands of lives in just one. Poor is the person who does not read. He is missing out on so much. We get into the character and we live the story the author has created through the character’s eyes.large

The people who read have secured a lifelong source of pleasure, instruction and inspiration. Books are treasure. Not the gold and silver but of much more valuable riches – knowledge, noble thoughts and high ideas. Books are our bestest friends. Our friends may change or leave us but the books are always patiently waiting for us to pick them up and discover a world of wonders with ’em. We can get the books we can relate to so we can get deeper into the story. Sometimes when we feel lonely, we can get lost in the amazing fiction and find ourselves a companion.I want to be your best and closet friend

Reading also helps in improving our vocabulary. These are some of the many things most people like about reading as far as I know. But there are things I feel and I know I am not alone in this. For me books are like drugs and I am horribly addicted. Like totally. I feel a powerful urge to read almost every minute of the day. Books are my escape from reality. I don’t watch television because most of my entertainment comes  from books. Books are like magnets that attracts people with an urge to discover. No wonder there are so many book lovers in this world. reading is like a disease that doesn’t go away with any medication. pity it’s not contagious :ptumblr_inline_nrm3tauV481swr1np_500

Please tell me what you think about my opinions and also tell me why you like to read. You can also ask questions. Feel free to like and comment.


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