Book To Movie Adaption

Hi there! I am back again and today I am going to talk about book to movie adaption.bruh

We all love to see our favourite books turn movies but …. There is always a but. Aren’t there? So…… But there are always things we hate or distaste in these things. For example I hate it when my favourite scenes from books are not put up in the movies or when the scenes are modified.

Sometimes we all watch the movies before we read the books. In this, for me the cast is a huge problem. Well, I hate to know how the characters look like because when we imagine them while reading we can’t get rid of the image of the cast from our mind. This irritates me because i love to imagine my own characters’ faces. Imagination is a very powerful and beautiful thing in my opinion and well you know the rest. And when we read the book before we watch the movie, sometimes the cast is awesome but well the other times it’s not up to the mark.

The next thing I am going to write is a big deal. At least to me it is. SPOILERS!!!!!!
I am 50-50 about spoilers. I have so much to say about them that I can write a whole post about it and well maybe I will. But lets for now only talk about it related to book to movie adaptation. So, what is the one thing we all love about books? It’s many things but here I am talking about how the words create so many emotions in us. And we like it fresh but when we watch the movie before reading the book we don’t get the full impact of the scenes and emotions in the book. Also, when movie reveals a secret that is in the book. For example death of a character.
It’s just that I like books more than movies and I enjoy plot twists and everything more in words. I hate when things are cut off or modified or rushed up to fill the time restrictions or requirement. But I really love to see a book come to life through a movie and well nothing is perfect (except Daemon Black from the Lux series by Jennifer l. Armentrout. He is the definition of perfect).


So tell me what you love and hate in book to movie adaptations and also which book will you like to see as a movie?


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