Lets discuss: POV

Hi everyone.


I am going to talk about POVs today. If you don’t know what a POV is, well it is just a persons point of view. In books there are usually 4 kinds of POVs. Male/Female POV, dual POV (M/F both) and third person POV.

I really love male POVs. The first time I read male POV was the midnight sun partial draft. Which is the book one of Twilight in Edward’s POV. Yes, I am a twilight fan. I am a Fanpire. Or a Twilighter or whatever, just a twilight fan and no matter what, that is not gonna change.3235702_1368592448121.61res_373_373

So back to the original topic. Although I love male POVs, I also really like to know what the girl is thinking. Here enter dual POV in a book so you can keep track side by side of both the characters. Yep that’s awesome. I really like dual POVs sometimes its difficult to keep up if there are more than 2 characters we have to keep up with but the more the merrier. Well not really. 😉 But now here’s the problem I really want to know each and every single detail on both the sides. So what I prefer is that the book be in female POV and we get an extra book with same story but the male POV. YAY.


Sometimes people get annoyed with two books containing the same story and just different POV. When I say I want a book which is just different POV of the first book, I want add ons. I want to know what we missed from that side! I want to get more details! Trust me when I say I loathe male POVs that are done badly. I really like male POVs in romance novels, so I love when we get to know what the boy feels but there needs to be something extra without boring us out existence for reading the same book.


Now there is one more thing. I don’t know if its a POV type so I didn’t add it before. I have just read a book with present time and past time. It switchs between the time to tell us the whole story. I really liked it but I had a little difficulty to keep up. Does that happen with you guys?

Tell me your thoughts about POVs. Do you like male POVs or female POVs or is dual POV better in your opinion or are you up with this all crap and like the good ‘ol 3rd person POV?


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