Obsidian by Jennifer l. Armentrout

Obsidian by Jennifer l. Armentrout is the first instalment in the Lux series.

This is a spoiler free review so you can read it without any fear. 😉


Katy – She is the protagonist here. She has just moved from Florida to ketterman, west Virginia because her father died and her mother wants to stay away from the place he died(Florida).

Daemon Black- He is not your typical boy next door. He is very dangerous and can go to any lengths to save his sister. Now I am going to quote Katy here – Beautiful face. Beautiful body. Horrible attitude, It was the holy trinity of hot boys.tumblr_moq9u3quMf1rddtvmo1_250

Dee Black – She is the twin sister of Daemon. She is fun loving, very beautiful and kind hearted. All she wants is a really good friend who is normal.

Ash, Andrew and Adam- Ash is Daemon’s ex but she belives different. Andrew and Adam are her brothers. They are all triplets and have come into the town with Dee and Daemon. Two of them has a very bad attitude and only one is good in this trio.

Yes there are more characters in this book but I guess to get into the book knowing only this many are enough.


YA, Romance, Paranormal, Supernatural, Aliens, Sci-fi, Urban Fantasy.

My Star Rating5 on 5

My thoughts and story line –

Katy is a very relatable character. And she does not have her world revolving around a boy. She is smart, funny, witty and a reader. I know you will say in many books protagonists are readers but in this case she is also a blogger which is very cool to read, even if you are not a blogger. Daemon is a very handsome green eyed boy that lives next door. But being an arrogant jerk is sort of a deal breaker. Don’t worry. No bad boy syndromes here.

Dee is Katy’s best friend but Daemon wants Katy to stay away from his twin sister for some reason Katy cannot even begain to understand. But she will not leave her Best friend because of her jerk brother. She and Daemon has these fights going on that are very amazing to read about. When school starts Katy finds out mysterious things about her next door neighbours that her best friend never told her about. Now when Katy gets in trouble Daemon literally stops the time to get her out of it. From here things start getting crazy and more interesting. Her neighbours are aliens! She has to stick around stab-worthy Daemon to be safe and also keep Dee safe because the power Daemon used on her lit her up like a ball of light which can be tracked down by other aliens.

In this book even if aliens are not your element (mine wasn’t) you will find yourself in love with the characters and writing style. YOU GOTTA READ THIS.read-gif

I wish you liked my review and it was helpful.

See you next time. 🙂



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